Saturday, February 1, 2020

[2020] Australian Immigration Intake – Apply Now

The Australian government is yet to decide on changing the annual 190,000 immigration cap that has been observed for 8 years. David Coleman, the minister of immigration has related to SBS news that no decision has been reached by the authorities on the number of migrants that will be accepted into the Australian Immigration Department next year

The annual cap for the last 7 years under the government of the Labour and Coalitions has been pegged at 190,000. At almost every time, the Immigration department always meets the labor cap. However, in 2017-2018, the statistics changed. The immigration department was at its lowest with just 163,000 permanent arrivals including skilled and family visas

The Home Affairs Minister, Peter Dutton put a plan in place to lower the formal ceiling by 30,000 places. So, if this happens, it will so likely be that the number of migrants will be the same as the previous year

After reaching out to the ofces of both ministers, they said no agreement has been reached yet and the cap of 2019/2020 will only be decided after a standard, annual “consultation” with states, employer groups and other stakeholders.

The minister emphasized that the actual decision will be reached soon and that will be by analyzing Australia’s needs by the regions in reference to the Morrison government immigration plan of directing more skilled workers to the non-metro areas.

The immigration intake number is especially for entrants under-skilled and family visas who offer permanent residency in Australia.

Migrants planning on applying for the Australian Permanent Residency have the best chances now to get approved because presently, the immigration number hasn’t been reached yet. So, if you really wanna immigrate to Australia, you should apply now!

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