Saturday, June 13, 2020

Can You Handle This Hot Havana ?

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A rich Havana sugar mama is searching for a matured and intellectual young man who is humble and honest to be her companion.

Her name is Miss Happiness and she is a very rich barrister and an influential entrepreneur with lots of businesses and connections around the world. She is seeking to meet an educated and trustworthy young man who can help her manage her investments.

Havana sugar mama is looking for a young man who is an extrovert, is enthusiastic, genuine, hard working, creative and have a good sense of humour to build a true and long lasting relationship with.

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A relationship with love, care, understanding and genuine trust. One with real and steady communication, forgiveness and true support for each other in times of need and want. Havana sugar mama wants a man who will be willing to come over and live with her in her lonely mansion.

She is willing to totally transform your life and make you who ever you want to be as long as money and connection is concern. Havana sugar mama is ready to further your education to any level, in any school and in any country of your choice. You are in charge of choosing your field of study, location and studying time.

This gorgeous lady will also buy you a personal house, a brand new car and give you $1000 monthly to take care of your family and friends back at home, provided you are willing to be her faithful, loyal and honest partner in everything.

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  1. Hi Miss Happiness My name is Felipe de Jesús I am 23 years old I am from Mexico I am a person very romantic loving kind loving romantic Kind loving good hearted I am also very active I like to work a lot I would like to meet you and be your friend, boyfriend and partner. You can send me a message by WhatsApp +522351153087 or by email I wish we could meet us Fearing a cordial greeting and a big hug take good care of yourself

  2. Miss Havana am here for your companion
    Education and respect for a woman is what I have.
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